Reflection on a window

| 1 MINUTE READ | elusive awareness & empty train compartments

there it was
on the train window at the far side
warped by folds of film
gathered around the diffused scatter of light
a tentative reflection

brown arm on chin
white tee shirt, face lost in the shadows
swaying with each gentle tilt
of the moving train

below this empty compartment
the kinetic certainty of steel tracks
a distant dance of friction and vibration
atoms exploding into a residue of heat

within this empty compartment
a pair of eyes that pause to watch

drawn by the light
that falls on the body
and carelessly wanders
with the memory of an imprint

the same thing that distracted me
now has my full attention

it is much better this way

nothing is ever too important
to ignore the fullness
of a reflection
on the window

beneath the spurious beliefs
beyond the silent breath

too elusive to capture
on cold hard glass
not leaving a footprint
in the warm vapours of the breath

always still
impossibly quiet
always awake
yet so easily forgotten


Rare moments of quiet awareness give us a taste beyond the limited self of our oneness with the universe. That is why time spent in solitude and silence is so rejuvenating.

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  1. Anand, yet another beautiful poem from you. A unique experience conveyed so graphically. I enjoyed reading every word and read them over several times. Gopal Uncle

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    1. Look forward to your view and reflections on aspects of life as you see it.Train journeys have always given us time to pause and look around which is not possible in ones daily life.Interesting associations are made through this. Well done in capturing it vividly


  2. Hey. Anand. I am getting a feeling that you are reflecting on life as it is unfolding NOW. Am l reading too much for I can feel a tinge of sadness leading a lonely journey into unknown yet no worries.
    Enjoyed the poem
    Hope I am wrong….. Uday


  3. Wow!!
    Anand another wonderful piece
    You write so beautifully!!!!
    I really wonder how you can weave your stories and poems so ingeniously.
    Your English and the command of the language is par excellence

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  4. Hi Anand , thanks for sharing your lovely poem . I don’t remember when was the last time I took a train ride – 30 -40 years ago ! Your poem brought back so many memories of them , rides taken In trains all over the country , school trips , college excursions , and later on work travels for a while . Always loved the sound of the moving train , it’s whistle and the swaying movement lulling one to nod off . Thanks again

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  5. Loved its depth Anand! Brought back memories of another time and induced a stillness and calm from within, most required during these times… This post of yours was worth the wait πŸ™‚ Keep writing, Gayathri

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  6. …”brown arm on chin
    white tee shirt, face lost in the shadows
    swaying with each gentle tilt
    of the moving train”…

    Lines which bring to mind scenes from a Gurudutt film, through the surreal gaze of V.K.Murthy’s camera!

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  7. Satyajit Rai movie… black and white! can picture the vehicle on the road and the train moving side by side!! Suspenseful and evocative!

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  8. Very thought provoking poem. Will carry it on my phone to read it whenever I am on a train. It was not a one minute read though if one has to travel with poet Anand’s thoughts

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  9. Hi Anand,

    As always your story is always moving and thought evoking. Thanks for sharing. Waiting for more like a parched traveller waiting for a drop of water as he traverses a desert.

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  10. Feel free to guest post or collaborate on by finding my email on this blog’s connect page. πŸ™πŸŒΉ


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