all the dreams in between

[1 MINUTE READ] an urban unwinding

cities are not a place
for slow rituals

drawn away from
sitting in silence
by the constant shadow
of more important things to do

cities remind us
that the calming act of being
is an unproductive asset

from the sky the city is
a million flickering light bulbs,
an endless subterfuge of plumbing,
the dancing fluidity of gas flames on stoves

these are the hard fought conveniences
that consume our lives
into an elusive pursuit of promises
a blur of unexperienced memories

when we slow down
and keep quiet
the more significant things
are unveiled

about us
and the city
and all the dreams in between


To understand the world around us, we must look beyond the compelling illusions that fade away – to the enduring truths that remain.

32 thoughts on “all the dreams in between

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  1. Yes Anand,
    Beautifully captured

    So true:_
    When we slow down and keep quite
    The more significant things are unveiled.

    Thanks for reminding us.
    We live in this world ,chasing something or the other, but the real meaning of Life ,is so elusive.

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  2. The current days cities definitely represent & make us synonymous with big chaotic world . To look both inside self & truth is a unbelievable miracle unlikely to be achieved. The whole subject is beautifully described by you Anand . Thanks a lot for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us .

    Liked by 1 person

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