An unstained observer

| 1 MINUTE READ | the divine magic of infancy

In the beginning, before the eye learns to focus
a child’s aura lies vacant of identity

That accumulation of memories
of ideological certainties
those collection of scars
and lurking responsibilities
the acquired familiarity with a wrinkled ring finger
a comforting bed, soft kitchen scents that linger

In the beginning, before the heart yields to patterns
dwells an unstained observer of a rapturous moment

Come enter this perimeter of comforting lightness
this cul-de-sac of wonder that gently overpowers me
hold carefully this bundle, this arc of lucidity
where life unveils its essential fluidity

As a magical movement
arriving in waves
that come gurgling
from the depths
of a mystical

As we dissolve into the presence of children, we experience a glimpse of our own divine nature

48 thoughts on “An unstained observer

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    1. From stillness to familiarity, comfort and warmth….so beautifully done in this poem. And ultimately comes the test of facing the big, tough world.


  1. Newborns are mysteries that only time can unravel. Our suppositions of their innocence and divinity, I feel, is a means to reinforce the idea that humans aren’t born good or bad. That they are neutral creatures that acquire the characteristics of their environments. Is this right or wrong is a mystery in itself. But you have definitely stirred so much thought and emotion with your beautiful words.

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  2. When a child is born, God is present in the form of AURA in the new born child, which is realized by everyone.
    The same is true of the creation of your poetry…

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  3. Deep from within the womb of silence?

    I never cease to wonder at the magic you weave…. of the birth of a newborn 👶🏽 I Would imagine wading thru the gurgling waters of its mother’s womb…. lovely!

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  4. ” The soul is healed by being with children” — Fyodor Dostoevsky

    In that little window of time, when the soul enters the world again, just for a brief while while it still remains a soul, just before the sheaths of past vaasanas and present influences hurry up to drape it and make it a person – the soul, naked and glorious shines through it’s primeval, joyful eyes, and touches for an instant the same in you, in a burst of recognition. Hold on to the moment! It’ll quickly pass.

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  5. This is beautiful. I love the idea of a babies non-verbal awareness. That place where all sense input is unlabeled and unexplained. I often wonder if that’s not the place from which comes all the compassion, art, spiritual journeys, and the silent knowing that rises between those in love.

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  6. Very simple words pointing to the infinite untouched reality. One doesn’t really know how much one can love and sacrifice till one has a child. Being around a baby lets you know that something, someone has to care for this. You can’t help yourself. When I thought my six year old child was going to die, I cried and wailed. When the tears were done, all I felt was joy at having had her for this long.

    Nice writing. Lead me to a place, but not shoving me over the edge.

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  7. Great insight into a budding life. Envy you for your ability to be poetic and creative at this time of strife! Take care.Stay healthy and safe. R Shah

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  8. I always wonder how mothers forget the pain the moment they hold their baby in their hands:) Then the joy on seeing our grandchildren for the first time. How time flies !
    Beautiful words. Well written.

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  9. So utterly beautiful. When I see a newborn I always want to ask her ‘what do you remember from where you have come?’ Because they are still so new to this physical world, I wonder if they continue to carry memories and have a stronger connection than we do who have been here for much longer. Adjusting to a life in a physical world…oh, how sweet and courageous of these souls to embark on their journeys and share their gifts with us.
    Thank you, Ananda for yet another beautiful piece that lifts my soul.


  10. The pure possibility of new life!

    I especially liked these lines of yours,
    “Come enter this perimeter of comforting lightness
    this cul-de-sac of wonder that gently overpowers me”

    Wishing you beauty and peace,


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