Trance Music

| 1 MINUTE READ | Drumstruck @ Temple - Chenda Melam

late night love stories

| 1 MINUTE READ | the heart turns a black and white world into colour

Salt Water Baths

| 2 MINUTE READ | on the cleansing quietness of empathy

Blue light Ganges

| 3 MINUTE READ |Finding hope in a flowing river

Dancing in the dark

| 1 MINUTE READ | Sometimes we can hear the night sky singing to us

Finding rhythm

| 1 MINUTE READ | A floating ball and a flying racket

all the dreams in between

| 1 MINUTE READ | an urban unwinding

the world as we know it

| 1 MINUTE READ | an exploration of origins

Reflection on a window

| 1 MINUTE READ | elusive awareness & empty train compartments

A vacation of long silences

| 6 MINUTE READ | My experiences with silence and the lessons they taught me.

The natural habitat of humans

| 3 MINUTE READ | A few thoughts and memories on the universal voyage towards self discovery

There are always songs to sing

| 6 MINUTE READ | Unconditional love & the transcendence of loss

An old & ordinary friend

| 3 MINUTE READ | An old friend who reminded me that spirituality is not an abstract cerebral idea but a constant intuitive awareness

The abiding stillness of boredom

| 3 MINUTE READ | The confusions of the modern world and the quietness that transcends it

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