Bookstore Wandering

| 2 MINUTE READ | The small truces between culture and capitalism

The habit of leadership

| 3 MINUTE READ | A childhood memory with Jyotiraditya Scindia

The voices of poets

| 5 MINUTE READ| Is it time for the imagination of artists to moderate the extremes of the modern economy?

Space & the city

| 4 MINUTE READ | In a city magically reclaimed from the anarchic sea, a constant search for space defines its people.

The ravines of Phaphund

| 6 MINUTE READ | I met a small town contractor 20 years ago. With the aura of a man on an epic journey. This is his story.

The lifeboat privilege

| 5 MINUTE READ | A story from the contracting industry regarding the sharp inequalities in the modern world and their impact on people.

Cutting a high flying kite

| 6 MINUTE READ | Nirav Modi and the thin lines between success and fraud

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