awarenessAnanda is the bliss within a quiet unhurried moment. The timeless canvas on which existence unfolds.

I am inspired by Ramana Maharishi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. Silence and stillness are my closest proxies to the truth. My greatest guide and unconditional companions. They underlie a lot of the thoughts and words that appear on this blog.

I write to explore, understand and connect with my own heart. I reach into the quietness in my memories, relationships, experiences, observations, dreams and contemplations to do so.

There is joy and a sense of connectedness in sharing these writings. I hope they resonate in a way that inspires a deeper connection with the peace within all of us. I am grateful to all those that read and respond to what I share.

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  1. Astute! Writing does provide anchoring to thoughts and dreams or ideas. Sometimes, I introspect more through my writing than when I am alone. Can not agree more with you


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