Elevator music

| 1 MINUTE READ | Fleeting Hellos & Goodbyes

In the elevator lobby on the fifth floor
the digital display pauses at three
with an arrow pointing upwards

A sudden music fills the room
I turn and see her dressed in a suit
near the out of service elevator
holding a briefcase and handbag in one hand
a water jug and purse in the other

She looks rushed to set things down
I move forward and give her a hand
she nods a thank you
slips her freed hand into a pocket
the music ceases as she answers her phone

The elevator was full so we wait a bit longer
share a brief conversation
she is a flight attendant on a private jet
I am going east on business

We ride quietly down in a crowded elevator
she exits with a familiar bye

I walk away in the haziness
of a warm exchange
with a stranger
I will never see again

34 thoughts on “Elevator music

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  1. Lovely. Life is made up of such small encounters, except that most of us fail to notice or attend to them. Thank you for your gentle mindfulness.

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  2. Such fleeting exchanges can be so fresh and delightful. They possess an element of surprise and leave us in awe of the odds and chances. Yes, many we never meet again. They are simply extremely brief encounters.
    Beautiful writing! 🙂

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  3. Mina

    Loved this!!
    So poignant ___ the ability to make a chance encounter___ so interesting .You have the innate talent to make an encounter in the lift come alive!!

    I just loved the way you ended it __ by walking away in the haziness from a stranger you will probably never see again.

    You seem to be so alive and perceptive to every situation around you and you give life to any mundane t encounter___ Very few people have the ability to do this .
    Keep it up.


  4. Often when we meet a stranger, even if he/she has not done us any good or bad, we still remember that person, it seems that there is a pre-existing relationship. To describe such an invaluable experience in words shows the openness of the person. God bless you.


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