late night love stories

| 1 MINUTE READ | the heart turns a black and white world into colour

as the closing credits unspool
i swim
in the dangerous beauty of memories

a constant tug of yearning
that propels itself through a lifetime

beyond the window grills
buttons of light diffuse into darkness
the city withdraws into a dream
of hopeful uncertainties

no life is truly understood
through the cogent patterns of a script
as well as what is sensed
by a heart
that is always
gently disappearing


I watched a Chinese film titled β€˜Us & Them’. A story about eternal human connections – their spontaneous lightness, the ordinary circumstances in which they flower, the uncertainties that shadow them and the soaring quietness of an open heart that nourishes them.

Foreign films remind me that an authentic immersion in one’s native culture allows humanity to connect more directly through the unspoken cords of love that bind us

27 thoughts on “late night love stories

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  1. ‘ The city withdraws into a dream of hopeful uncertainties’.
    So true to the present situation. Hope is the inspiration to live..wonderfully expressed.

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  2. ‘Hopeful Uncertainties’ – a lovely expression. An undeniable truth of life. We are led by this wondrous anomaly. Understanding is never concrete. It’s a constant transformation. Some things touch us so deeply that we are forced to ponder about the self and the meanings we usually stay away from. It’s good to disconnect to connect. Beautiful writing. πŸ™‚

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