Beneath our feet

| 1 MINUTE READ | an accumulation of history

the history of the world lies beneath our feet
in layer upon layer of patient accumulation

recycled debris that carry the memories
of all that transpired on its surface

the rise and fall of kingdoms
the epochs of enlightenment
the brittle beads of sages, the surrender of forests

ash preserved bodies in Pompeii
of fathers and mothers
helplessness caught in the shape of their final postures

a 120 foot etching of a Peruvian cat on a rock hill
by ancient dreamers of a quixotic legacy
limestone commodes discovered in Jerusalem
along with the fossilized bones of a rich merchant that owned it

all symbols
of our material certainties
our collective capacity to dissolve our insignificance
into a cyclic endurance, an unending reassertion
to persist amidst
the preponderant constancy of extinction

everything is allowed
up to its moment
to gently disintegrate into its smallest possibility
a pause in the primordial corridors of stillness

shaken by a yearning to experience itself
it re-emerges into this realm of movement
as embryos soaked in a sac of splashing fluid
preparing for a short and seamless rendezvous
with the eternity of space, the mystery of time
the ephemeral arena
to which being returns
to occupy our bodies
and our battery of senses

the citrus scent burst while peeling an orange
the intuitive penumbra of our closest connections
the echoes of a long forgotten song
evoking emotions we must relearn to recognise

to taste once more
the fragile miracles of existence
until the mortal returns
back into the ground
and the immortal remains
as what it always is

a silence
that neither accumulates nor dissipates

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  1. Erudite account of the human existence, Ananda, but what is missing is the acknowledgment of
    the development of the human intellect that allowed discovery and explanation of the ancient past and is still going on deep into the Universe. In another fifty years, someone like you will map the new galaxies and perhaps, even give an account of the beginning of the world.



  2. So beautiful dear Anand.πŸ™ This tiny experience in space, form, time and vibrancy of life on such a verdant planet can transform into a realization that brings about such an incredible joy and deep gratitude! You have captured this blessing so well. Thank you. πŸ™


  3. Anand! As always, you say so much in so few words. This, too, is BEAUTIFUL beyond words – from the beginning, “the history of the world lies beneath our feet in layer upon layer of patient accumulation
    recycled debris that carry the memories of all that transpired on its surface,” to the end. The piece moves me on many different levels too. Beautiful, simply beautiful!

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  4. “shaken by a yearning to experience itself”
    Brought this to mind:

    “The eye with which I see God is the same with which God sees me. My eye and God’s eye is one eye, and one sight, and one knowledge, and one love.β€œ β€” Meister Eckhart

    Another lovely walk through your reveries. Thank you.


    1. Anand,
      Another extremely beautifully written peiece.So profound
      One has to read ,it a couple of times to understand the depth.

      Very thought provoking.

      This lifetime is so fleeting if you talk in terms about eternity.
      We realize how miniscule we are___ A speck in the universe.
      Thanks Anand


  5. Anand Philosophy is intertwined with reality in ” Beneath our feet” post.,Basically we are a tiny speck in the universe,the only thing under our control is our positive attitude without any EGO The path of being good is more difficult but still let us try to live a life of goodness with gratitude, contentment and peace


  6. 1 Minute Reading = Needs 100 Hrs of Thinking to Understand!!!
    Yes! If the soil can speak out of its own memory – the entire evolution of life on earth will be revealed without falsehoods & distortions – and with truthful accuracy…!!!


  7. What can I say, in that one moment I was shown death I was in that silence, surrounded by such a profound love. I could feel, touch everything…but did not need to. It is that sharing and feeling of eternity entwined in your words kind sir, may that silence always prevail. A great share, thank you ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹


  8. Dear Anand !

    Really touching , thought provoking and shear beauty of expression .
    One minute of read brings mindful stillness to ponder over life over generations, civilizations ,planets , galaxies and all subsumes in a vast black whole of silence !!!


  9. Exquisite refinement of your words, such beauty in carefully crafted verses, taking me deep into the miniscule and the enormity of our existence at the same time – it is a 1 min read, yet affording a reflective time during and after reading.


    1. The striking contrasts that Anand manages to portray apparently effortlessly is the feature of his writing . insignificance and enormity are positioned cheek in jowl.

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  10. That silence is the truth and it is bliss. But how many can ponder or reflect upon the truth of existence? Spirituality and religion are often confused as remedies for solving one’s personal problems. If only people realized that ‘personal’ is a flimsy term and that disassociation from it is the goal and meaning of being. Yes, much lies buried beneath out feet, once residing upon the surface with great pomp and show. Similar to what lies buried within each individual and is only tapped by the few who have realized that material temptation and rejection go hand-in-hand. Your beautiful and meaningful words always make me stop, smile, and think for a few minutes longer. Thank you for that, Anand. πŸ™‚


  11. Beautifully expresses and I can your passion in every word. Our world is amazing, colored with tapestry of our history and evolvement. Thank you for sharing this. What a gem. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’™


  12. Beautiful Anand!
    As I read it, so many little allusions come up in my mind. The subject is as old as Man!

    The compulsive urge and inevitability of life expressing itself in infinite ‘births’, coagulating in infinite material forms, experiencing itself and finally disintegrating to it’s residue – [‘Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust’] was perhaps always known to the [sub] conscious mind of Man. It’s a beautiful thought – that the same mud, though disintegrated to it’s last possibility, carries the memories, which are again gathered by Life, as clay, to fashion a new pot, to infuse it with the waters of it’s vasanas and the breath of air, to again experience yet another dream.

    Perhaps – it occurs to me – the entire dynamic cosmos is but the dream of Narayana lying on his ‘paarkadal’, spinning out in infinite cycles of creation and dissolution. So too, in microcosmic mimicry, lie the ’embryos soaked in a sac of splashing fluid’. When I sometimes saw these embryos in scans I used to wonder – What is this baby thinking? Is it it’s memories of past lives, or is it’s future dream of the life ahead?

    Your piece of poetic prose is just a little different from the rest. Beautifully written Anand! Carry on!


  13. Beautiful and deeply reflective words you have offered here. I am especially drawn this stanza,
    “all symbols
    of our material certainties
    our collective capacity to dissolve our insignificance
    into a cyclic endurance, an unending reassertion
    to persist amidst
    the preponderant constancy of extinction”


  14. Thank you , Ananda, for sharing your incredible writing with us. Your capacity to move us with your words continues to amaze me. Please keep sharing .

    Kind regards,



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